Triton Digital launches Tap with Frequency’s Creative Manager

We are excited to share that Frequency has been included as part of the recent product update to Triton’s Advertising Platform (Tap) – a solution that makes ad monetization more efficient for publishers. Having partnered together over the last several years, Frequency and Triton have collaborated to achieve a shared mission: to arm publishers with a suite of tools to streamline the ad ops process and increase ad monetization. Together, we solve for the tedious day-to-day pain points faced by ad ops teams with workflow tools and automation. By helping ad ops teams save time, they can shift focus back to what matters most: delivering better results for clients and growing ad revenue. 

The Tap Value

As a leader in streaming audio and podcasting in 80+ countries, Triton’s AdvertisingPlatform is built to support the entire audio ad campaign lifecycle – from planning to trafficking, targeting, monitoring, reporting, and billing. The recent update to Tap includes enhanced capabilities, such as a simplified UI for a more streamlined user experience; increased flexibility in campaign set-up; and advanced ad separation with more granular control over pacing and frequency capping.

Additionally, the release provides platform users with more advanced creative management and targeting capabilities – brought by Frequency – to provide added efficiencies and empower teams to maximize revenue potential more than ever.

The Frequency Value– Our Campaign & Creative Manager

We are proud to be integrated with Tap and provide users with enhanced capabilities around managing multiple ads and targeting strategies across campaigns. The benefits we bring publishers include: 

• More Efficient & Flexible Creative Management: Add multiple creatives to a single campaign or flight with bulk import/export features.

• Advanced Delivery & Distribution Rules: Assign rules across ads to support weighted or sequential distribution to deliver a more impactful experience to the end listener.

• Contextual Targeting & Personalization: 35+ data signals to run contextual and personalized messaging, including (but not limited to) – weather triggers, day-parting, location targeting (via a point of interest, zip code, DMA, city, state, region, and more) and content alignment (podcast category or music genre).

We are excited to be a meaningful part of Triton’s recent rollout to bring our collective solution to the marketplace and to continue helping publishers raise their game!

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