NumberEight & Frequency Partner to Deliver Audio Ads Using AI Behavioural Intelligence

June 25, 2024 – NumberEight, a trailblazer in ID-less data for advertising, and Frequency, the leader in workflow automation and ad management for audio, have partnered to enable advertisers to deliver creative based on live moments and behavioural cohorts. 

Using NumberEight’s AI-powered Behavioural Intelligence with Frequency’s Creative Manager, audio creative is tailored to relevant behavioural personas, increasing engagement and performance. 

In a strategic partnership, NumberEight and Frequency aim to empower advertisers by leveraging state-of-the-art technologies such as on-device computing, AI, and advanced creative management. Together, they enable advertisers to craft compelling brand narratives and deliver personalised, impactful audio experiences for listeners. Using NumberEight’s behavioural intelligence alongside Frequency’s Creative Manager, for the first time, advertisers can select from over 200 live moments and 90 behavioural cohorts to build personas and deliver highly relevant creative content dynamically.

NumberEight specialises in revolutionising audio targeting for advertisers by leveraging real-time behavioural intelligence and predictive demographic analytics, particularly in the entertainment industry. This capability allows advertisers to deliver precisely tailored messages to their desired audience at the right moment for maximum impact. Using sensor data from mobile devices or bid requests, NumberEight extracts insights such as live moments (e.g., running, working, commuting) and behavioural cohorts (e.g., fitness enthusiast, frequent shopper, long-hour worker). AI facilitates this process by processing data directly on the user’s device, enabling real-time behavioural intelligence through advanced computation.

Frequency’s Audio Ad Management Platform complements NumberEight’s capabilities by offering a comprehensive suite of tools to manage, target, deliver, and optimise audio creative at scale. Through sophisticated distribution rules, using NumberEight’s behavioural cohorts, ads are delivered with messaging tailored to each listener, facilitating rich and meaningful experiences.

Commenting on the partnership, Abhishek Sen, CEO and co-founder of NumberEight, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration: “We are thrilled to partner with Frequency to bring advanced solutions to the audio advertising space. By combining our expertise, we can empower advertisers to create highly personalised and impactful campaigns that resonate with listeners.”

Pete Jimison, CEO of Frequency, shared similar sentiments: “Frequency is excited to collaborate with NumberEight to push the boundaries of audio advertising. Together, we can provide advertisers with the tools they need to streamline operations, improve targeting precision, and enhance ad experiences for listeners.”

About NumberEight

NumberEight is a pioneering behavioral intelligence company that has reimagined identity by transforming seemingly senseless data from sensors, ad requests, and content information into meaningful insights. Their innovative approach empowers publishers to enhance their inventory with intelligent, ID-less data, enabling advertisers to captivate their audiences’ attention and elevate the value of their ad impressions—all without the need for IDs or PIIs. This positions the advertising ecosystem for a privacy-first future. For more, visit

About Frequency

Frequency® has created the next generation of ad management for the audio industry, providing workflow automation and targeted delivery in one innovative platform. With Frequency, audio networks can increase revenue opportunities, reduce manual operations, and improve ad experiences. The world’s top audio publishers and advertisers use Frequency’s enterprise solutions to centralize campaigns and personalize podcast, radio, and streaming ads. Serving 5B+ ad impressions a month, Frequency is the chosen software for audio operations efficiency and growth. For more information, visit

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