Solving problems with technology: Meet Nate Oaks

As Frequency’s VP of Engineering, Nate Oaks brings a human touch to building technology. Before anything, Nate is an expert in understanding people: how they think, the way they work, their challenges, and their opportunities. With this approach, Nate zeros in on solving specific problems, developing technology that helps people work smarter and faster. 

Nate has spent his career at high-growth start ups, bringing design, product, and engineering together to transform the way organizations operate. At Frequency, Nate’s mission has remained unchanged: he is dedicated to developing products that give businesses the infrastructure and tools to increase efficiency and fuel growth. 

Nate has redefined the way the engineering team collaborates with and operates alongside other departments. One of his focuses has been refining the company’s process of product development to involve the engineering team in the initial stages of concepting and design. By providing greater insight into product roadmaps, Nate has created more opportunity and empowered the team. Working in greater synergy within the engineering team and across departments makes Frequency a more cohesive organization built for innovation and scale. 

When Nate isn’t working on connecting workflows, he’s disconnecting on the slopes. Nate is an avid snowboarder with a love for a new challenge. The only difference is he can’t use technology to conquer a double black diamond!

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