Frequency announces partnership with Reznick Digital

Frequency, a pioneer in digital audio advertising technology, announces its partnership with Reznick Digital, founded by Mike Reznick, a digital audio veteran who previously served as President of Ad Sales at DAX U.S. and EVP of Ad Sales at Triton Digital. Reznick will provide business development and strategy expertise to help Frequency expand its footprint in the audio industry, specifically with key partners interested in leveraging Frequency’s creative management platform.

In March, 2017, the digital audio advertising agency F Sharp launched its sister company, Frequency™, a creative management platform that offers toolsets for advertisers and publishers to manage the intricacies of building and delivering creative across any digital audio publisher. Frequency’s latest product, Dynamic Audio, gives advertisers the ability to dynamically change audio creative based on first-party and third-party data, such as a user’s location, time of day, demographic information, audio preferences, and environmental conditions such as weather and road traffic.

“I see Frequency playing a critical role as the digital audio space continues to grow and evolve at warp speed. Advertisers truly deserve creative freedom, control, and understanding of the impact their campaigns have on their target audiences. Frequency’s technology empowers the entire industry to take the next steps forward — building, managing, and delivering the right creative to the right audience, leading to more effective and efficient audio campaigns. I am excited for what Frequency has in store for the future. Dynamic Audio is just the beginning,” says Mike Reznick, founder of Reznick Digital.

Reznick adds that publishers of all sizes can benefit from Frequency’s extensive expertise in audio advertising. The rise of programmatic audio will also play a critical role for advertisers as the power shifts to buyers looking for the right data, technology partners, and buying systems. As programmatic execution becomes more commonplace, Frequency intends to capitalize on its agnostic approach to the marketplace, enabling players on both the demand and supply side.

“Reznick brings a deep history of digital advertising, specifically in the programmatic and audio advertising space. We’ve worked together for some time now, and we share a similar vision around the future of audio. By working with Reznick, we see an opportunity to bring Frequency’s unique technology to a wider audience. We share a tech-first approach, which really should be the main focus for the entire audio industry in order to drive innovation for the benefit of advertisers,” says Pete Jimison, founder of Frequency.

Since launching in early 2017, Frequency’s Dynamic Audio technology has immediately provided an impact to clients, averaging a 2 – 3x improvement in engagement from standard digital audio campaigns. Frequency is currently testing its technology with the largest demand-side platforms for greater scale in 2018.

Frequency is a digital audio technology company that introduced the industry to the concept of dynamic creative in audio formats with its launch of Dynamic Audio, which allows advertisers to personalize audio creative to target audiences in near real-time. Its self-serve creative management platform allows advertisers and publishers to leverage data and tools to manage and optimize creative across their audio campaigns. The company is located in New York City. For more information, visit

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