Delivering 500+ audio ads for Subway across markets, offers, and weather triggers

  • DAX partnered with Frequency to activate personalized audio ads for Subway across US locations
  • Daily sandwich promotions tailored to match the offer of the day at each restaurant, increasing audience engagement
  • Weather triggers leveraged to increase delivery orders on rainy days
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hyperlocal, personalized creative variations



restaurants supported

across US locations


markets customized

with hyperlocal messaging


creative variations delivered

across markets, promos & weather triggers


With 22k+ locations in the US, Subway is a multi-national fast food restaurant franchise serving millions of customers everyday.
The DAX team wanted to develop a personalized audio campaign at scale for Subway to encourage stronger engagement with listeners and increase orders.


Powered by the Frequency platform, DAX launched a dynamic audio campaign with hundreds of creative variations to create personalized experiences and build 1:1 connections with customers.

Audio ads were customized at the market level to increase engagement with local customers

Daily sandwich specials were easily activated to match the offer of the day at each restaurant

Weather triggers were utilized to encourage delivery orders through the Subway app on rainy days