Podcasts, Music, and Pour-Over Perfection: Meet Mark Chernesky

Mark Chernesky has been cutting the edge in podcasting for 20+ years. From pioneering CNN's original podcasts to building a massive network, he’s focused on audio innovation. Today, Mark is amplifying his impact as Frequency’s Technical Account Director, where he oversees operational aspects from product development to customer success.

In addition to being an expert with deep industry knowledge, Mark is a Hip-Hop loving longboarder with a penchant for process.


Mark’s story begins with a photography degree and a job at a silk screening company. One of Mark’s customers happened to be the Art Director at HLN, leading to an opportunity to help build CNN.com. This role developed into a full-time job spanning over 20 years.

In 2005 he pitched CNN executives the idea of creating podcasts. They made five shows, and other initiatives followed. In 2017, Mark was tapped to develop the WarnerMedia Podcast Network.

Each group in the network was operating differently; Mark took the lead in unifying the effort. He created processes to manage inbound sales and responses from shows, set up feeds across platforms, built websites, trained teams, tracked metrics, and forged alliances.  


Mark met Frequency CEO Pete Jimison at Podcast Movement in 2020 while looking for operational solutions for Warner. He was intrigued with what Frequency was doing – solving problems for podcast networks that were not being tackled in other places. 
In April 2022, Mark decided to join the team.

Wisdom from a seasoned pro:

Always say yes to new opportunities.

Technology changes, but Mark’s willingness to try new things stays the same. His advice is to embrace every possibility that comes your way. 

  • Keep looking towards the future. 
  • Seek out jobs where you can grow. 
  • Create your own path and support it.

Mark adds, “Whenever possible, move into a different role every 2-3 years. If you’re excited, that’s what matters.” 

Mark is an enthusiastic advocate for using automation to meet the growing demands of the audio marketplace. Automated workflows accelerate manual tasks like targeted delivery or replying to sales prospects. It standardizes these processes so clients can focus on making money. Automating manual tasks helps clients save time across day-to-day operations, such as gaining brand approvals from shows or managing hundreds of audio ad creative at scale.

Mark still has his eye on what’s next. He’s excited by the vision for Frequency – connecting the dots from brand approvals, production, and approval of creative, to delivering creative to the end listener, even making it contextually relevant. Combining all of these solutions in one platform helps Frequency clients work more efficiently and increase revenue.

From pioneering podcasts to helping networks scale with ease, Mark continues to bridge the gap between what is and can be. His impressive background, zest for life, and passion for audio make Mark one of the OGs.  

Frequency is attracting industry veterans to propel success. Want to join the team? Explore open opportunities here. 


For multiple years, Mark participated in The Chief Ladiga Silver Comet 188 mile Sk8 Challenge. It’s a challenging three-day event of distance skateboarding rolling through the Taladega National rainforest, crossing two states, two time zones and five counties. The final day is 94 miles from Anniston to Atlanta, rain or shine. 


For Mark, the daily grind involves coffee. A true coffee lover, Mark was a French-press drinker for over 20 years until the pandemic when he transitioned to pour-overs. Fun fact: Mark is known to travel with a small coffee kit to make his own brews.


An audiophile through and through, Mark vibes on spoken word and music. 

with Mark Chernesky


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